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MacArthur UNLEASHED Dog Park

MacArthur Unleashed Dog Park opened in March 2013. It's a fantastic place for dogs and their people to "get socialized." The dog park occupies a two acre parcel in the southeast corner of MacArthur Park (across from the Bowen Law School), and provides over sixty parking spaces with LED lighting. It also includes a five foot chain link perimeter fence, “double gate” entrances with prominent rules signage, separate area for small dogs (less than 30 pounds), pet waste disposal stations, and watering stations.


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Sponsorship Opportunities

Want to help make the dog park even better?  There are multiple opportunities for individuals and professional organizations to support MacArthur UNLEASHED through sponsorship of park amenities. Donor plaques and recognition items can be prominently displayed, where appropriate, recognizing donors that sponsor an amenity in its entirety. To learn more, visit the Donations page. Or contact us for more information.

Lend A Paw — Volunteer!

There are lots of great ways to volunteer for MacArthur UNLEASHED! ​ We are looking for PACK LEADERS that will introduce new users to the dog park, and to help with social and educational events for dogs and their owners. Can you lend a hand (or paw)? Start by joining the Dog Park Volunteer Committee. Click below to inquire.

Dog Park Rules:
  1. No dogs without people, no people without dogs.

  2. Remember, off-leash does not mean, out of control. Dog handlers must keep their dogs within sight, under voice control and must have a leash in their possession at all times.

  3. Handlers must clean up after their dogs.

  4. No children under the age of 10 allowed at any time.

  5. Users of MacArthur UNLEASHED assume all liability for themselves and their pets. If your dog is in a fight, you are responsible for any injury your dog causes.

  6. Any dog displaying aggressive behavior must be leashed and removed immediately - no exceptions.

  7. All dogs must be properly licensed and inoculated before entering MacArthur UNLEASHED.

  8. All dogs over 6 months of age must be spayed or neutered, so no female dogs in heat are allowed.

  9. Ordinance No. 19925 prohibits dangerous breeds and mixes off leash away from home, which include Pit Bulls (American Pit Bull Terrier), American Straffordshire Terriers or Straffordshire Terriers. Bringing these breeds into the dog park can result in citation or confiscation of the animal.

  10. Water features in MacArthur UNLEASHED are for dog use only, humans wanting to get wet have their own places to play in the water at Riverfront and War Memorial Parks.

  11. Do not bring human food or glass of any type into the park, dog treats are okay though.

  12. MacArthur UNLEASHED may be closed periodically for maintenance or when weather conditions create the potential for damage to the park. We are trying to maintain a natural grass surface, please help by not allowing your dog to dig.

Park Hours:
6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

​​Support the Dog Park

Makes a great gift!

dog silhouette
Metal Silouhette of Your Dog​

Life size metal silouhette of your dog for installation in the dog park. $500 each. Permanently installed. Commemorative inscription available.


Silhouette Order Form »

Commemorative Bricks​

Honor a pet, person or organization. $100 each. Placed in the dog park plaza area.

Brick Order Form» (Dog Park)

Rainbow Bridge Pet Tag​

Honor the memory of a beloved pet by purchasing a pet tag to be placed on the Rainbow Bridge. Proceeds from pet tag orders help support Keep Little Rock Beautiful beautification, litter prevention, recycling and outreach programs, as well as dog parks in Little Rock.

Order Here»

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