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Multi-Purpose Court

​The multi-purpose court at MacArthur Park is open to the public and provides a great space for a variety of sports activities including soccer, pitching or batting practice, bike polo, tennis, or badminton. (Soccer nets are available on site.) Benches and bleachers are there for cheering fans! (The courts are first-come-first-serve, no reservations needed.)

Bike Polo

What in the world is bike polo? It's hard to describe, but awesome to watch. This high energy polo game, (using balls and mallets), is played while riding bicycles (instead of horses), on a hard surface.

Any bike polo players are welcome to use the multi-purpose court at MacArthur Park. But most often you'll see people from the Little Rock Bike Polo (LRBP) group burning up the court. LRBP plays on Sunday afternoons and Tuesday evenings in MacArthur Park at the street hockey court. Stop by the courts anytime during a bike polo game to see how it’s done!

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